Sonny Brandtner for Mayor, West University

Sonny Brandtner for Mayor, West University Place

Armed with passion and creativity, Sonny Brandtner will pilot West University Place to explore new ideas that advance our neighborhood to even a higher quality of life.

Sonny Brandtner is very grateful for the opportunity to raise his son in this extraordinary community and will work ardently to promote continued parental involvement and family values.

Sonny Brandtner brings his 30 years of business experience to ensure our city’s fiscal health.

Why I Love West University Place


There’s no question in my mind that West University Place is among the finest communities in the nation. Aside from all the official declarations, lists and surveys, we who live here experience first-hand the quality of life that this great community offers.This city is, and has been, impeccably run. The services, ranging from our police force to the parks department to sanitation and waste, are both the product and the prize of committed, involved residents and leadership.

I am running for the office of Mayor of West U because I see enormous opportunities to further improve this community, and have the expertise and experience to diligently explore them. As a veteran business man with long-term involvement in community and philanthropic efforts, my strategic skills will be enormously helpful in making West U an even better community. I am committed to maintaining fiscal discipline while aggressively pursuing new opportunities.

Please continue reading to get a glimpse of my goals for this community. I’m confident that you’ll quickly become as excited to pursue them as I am.

-Sonny Brandtner

About Sonny Brandtner


Sonny is extremely grateful for the privilege of raising his son in this extraordinary community. He will work diligently to promote continued parental involvement and family values in the interest of our collective future.

Equipped with 30 years of business success, and driven by a passion for practical solutions, Sonny Brandtner will responsibly pilot West University Place to an even higher quality of life for all who enjoy living here.

Professional Involvement

  • Retired Partner, Deloitte
  • University of Texas alum and guest lecturer
  • CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Institute of Internal Auditors – 10-year board member

Personal Involvement

  • Proud father of a 13-year-old son
  • West U resident since 1997
  • Friends of West U Parks board member
  • Advisory Board, Alley Theater
  • Major contributor to United Way, PAWS, Theater Under the Stars
  • Presbyterian Middle School Football Team volunteer (water boy)

Fresh Perspective


Sonny believes that West U and neighboring communities would benefit enormously from the dedication and expertise that a high saturation of West U students and parents would provide.
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Sonny will pursue giving children a safer means of traversing the community, and seek to strictly enforce speed limits for non-resident commuters.
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Sonny will foster community involvement and an active, health-conscious lifestyle by pursuing opportunities to further develop our outdoor spaces for the benefit of the public.
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